Our Approach

Our coaching process reflects the Institute of Executive Coaching methodology which has at its foundation the view that the quality of the relationship between the coach and the coached is the crucible within which change and growth can occur.

The coaching process is a collaborative process and therefore it relies heavily on being able to build an effective relationship with the coached so that trust is developed and permission to challenge the individual is granted.

Based on an adult learning framework, we use a structured, solution focused approach to help the individual to explore what may be getting in the way of them realising their full potential (interference), to identify potential issues, to explore solution options and then to encourage them to set goals and take actions that will ensure sustainable behaviour change. Self reflection forms a significant part of the process.

The GROW model underpins this approach:

Goal – What is your goal/what would you like to happen/achieve?

Reality – What is your current reality/what is happening/not happening for you now?

Options – What are the options open to you and how will you assess these?

What Next – What actions will you undertake and what might help or hinder you?

We recognise that an effective coach needs to have the following skills and have developed these over many years of experience:

  • an understanding of and respect for the ethical issues of executive coaching
  • the ability to build trust and develop effective relationships
  • sensitivity, effective listening skills and the ability to ask questions which are meaningful and relevant and which take the individual forward in their thinking
  • the ability to assess the readiness of the individual to make changes
  • the ability to manage their own feelings, behaviours and reactions as a coach
  • the willingness and ability to challenge and hold the coached accountable for taking their agreed actions

Coaching can be used by individuals or by organisations as part of a comprehensive development strategy or as a one-off intervention process.

The coaching assignment typically consists of a series of 6-12 sessions of one and a half to two hours duration, depending on the issue being addressed.

Learning Outcomes

Our approach focuses on helping the individual to realise their full potential and improve their skills in self reflection, analysing issues, finding solutions, setting goals and taking action. Effective coaching can improve the quality of an individual’s working or personal life and also contribute to organisational effectiveness.

As an individual, Executive Coaching can assist you to:-

  • refocus your career
  • change direction and make significant life changes
  • develop more effective leadership skills
  • achieve a better balance between work and home life
  • deal with conflict
  • manage change
  • make better decisions for you and your organisation
  • set more challenging and realistic goals
  • take more effective and focused actions
  • develop more insight into what may be holding you back

Within an organisation, Executive Coaching can either form part of an organisation-wide talent management or leadership development program or can be used with individual leaders or employees. Executive Coaching can assist you to:

  • discover and unlock the hidden potential of your people
  • motivate high potential employees
  • enhance individual performance and engagement
  • improve your attraction and retention rates

Our Client Experience

  • Eight years experience in the education sector as a careers coach working with school leavers, graduates and the long term unemployed.
  • 15 years experience coaching at all levels of management in a diverse range of well known organisations in the private and public sector
  • Careers coaching, leadership mentoring and mediation experience at a Dutch multi-national, a global petroleum company and a government agency
  • Coaching assignments with managers at two not-for-profit community based organisations
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