Board & Committee Governance

Governance issues revolve around fairness, legitimacy and  transparency.  Board and committee effectiveness  represents a dynamic beyond how they are formally structured (such as the make-up of committees, length of tenure of board members, regularity of meeting agendas) to include the social system that they represent. Governance issues have never been the subject of so much scrutiny as they have been during the past 5 years.  The extent to which board members perform as an effective team or a “high-functioning” work group is now of vital concern to stakeholders and regulators.

Our work focuses on improving Board understanding and therefore performance. We leverage our subject matter expertise to guide and review specific aspects of the governance mandate, in particular, responding appropriate to changing societal values. Our approach brings a distinctive perspective:

  • A procedural approach
  • A social construct of governance informed by the ethical principals and those of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the context of profound changes in modern society and the increasing complexities facing all leaders.  this perspective is informed by the Australian Standards guidelines to corporate governance.

Governance Refresh Initiatives:

Managing Values Principles’ reviewed the ethical framework of one of Asia’s largest construction companies identifying the cultural underpinnings.  We provided recommendations for a new ethical framework more attuned to the global marketplace’s requirements. The process involved:

  • Interviews with company directors and focus groups throughout the organisation.
  • An internet based survey to identify the key cultural issues and gain an understanding of employee’s awareness of and interaction with the current ethical framework
  • Presentation to head of Governance and agreement on action plan


Here we conducted a governance review for  one of Australia’s largest mining companies. We identified the strengths and weaknesses of the governance framework against its charter and facilitated a workshop with members.


Here we conducted a governance review of a major financial trustee which identified potential conflicts of interest and irregular governance procedures. This Review also included extensive stakeholder consultations and board presentations of findings and recommendations.


Managing Values has conducted public governance master classes on behalf of professional conference organisers including:


Managing Values Principles’ designed the process and facilitated the consultation for the drafting of key business principles for this association


Managing Values Principles have provided facilitation services of strategic planning workshops for several local council authorities in several states.


Managing Values Principles’ have conducted a review of Board, CEO and senior management performance in several hospitals. Reviews included operating procedures, performance standards, financial management, vision and strategic objectives.