Executive Coaching

This coaching program was designed for executive assistants to senior executives to assist them to build a community of professionals that served  the organisation’s needs as well as their general managers needs.  Its goal is to promote greater inter-departmental cooperation and communication.

The program enhances personal effectiveness by improving  interpersonal skills and providing an introduction to basic business practices to enhance each individual’s understanding of the business framework in which their managers operate.

Topics covered include:

  • Personal power and influencing skills and negotiation skills
  • First impressions and building rapport
  • Using personality preferences to influence
  • How to negotiate (including verbal and non-verbal communication)
  • Managing difficult situations

This Program is designed as a four part workshop program running at six week intervals over a six month period. Sessions are designed to skill participants on managing up and are supported by individual catch-up/coaching session (by email) to remind each participant of the key points from each session. Participants keep a learning journal  and present a progress report on how they have used their learning in between sessions  as well as any issues they may have faced doing this

The coaching assignment typically consists of a series of 6-12 sessions of one and a half to two hours duration, depending on the issue being addressed.

Learning Outcomes

Our approach focuses on helping the individual to realise their full potential and improve their skills in self reflection, analysing issues, finding solutions, setting goals and taking action. Effective coaching can improve the quality of an individual’s working or personal life and also contribute to organisational effectiveness.

Within an organisation, Executive Coaching can either form part of an organisation-wide talent management or leadership development program or can be used with individual leaders or employees.