Our Clients

We recognise that each client has an organisational and industry context that requires a tailored program to meet their specific needs.  While ethical issues and challenges can overlap, the way they play out in each organisation is different.  So, too, the internal vocabulary used by each organisation differs.  We co-design our programs with regulatory and L&D people to ensure effective training programs reflect internal communication imperatives and are experienced as authentic.

  • Design & delivery organisational wide workshops  designed to clarify the ethical principals underpinning the Code of Conduct and win employee engagement
  • Development of specific employee guides linking policies with personal accountability.
Victorian Government
  • Design & Development Ethics Resources Kit now used in over 60 agencies designed to promote ethical workplace cultures
  • Co-design ethics metrics for annual People Matter Survey to monitor cultural change
  • Ethics train the trainer programs for in-house facilitators
  • Ethical Leadership workshops for senior leaders


  • Design & delivery Ethics training program as part of cultural change program
  • Script & scenario writing DVD production
  • Co-design E-learning program
  • Ethical Leadership Module
  • Ethical leadership program  (30 workshops all Regional executives)
  • Ethical Cultural Reviews in 13 Countries in Asia
  • Benchmarking continuous cultural change
  • middle manager training in ethical leadership
  • National thought leadership program (national and state boards)
  • Production of White Paper on Best Practices in Business Ethics Management

  • Annual Graduate induction program business ethics and values
  • Script & scenario writing DVD production for leaders
  • Business Ethics Leadership program Top 3,000 managers
  • Annual Ethical Leadership module component as part of ongoing leadership initiatives
Major International Construction Companies
  • Facilitation and Writing Code of Ethics, Business Principals Statements and Conflicts of Interest Polices
  • Design and delivery of ethical leadership program across Australia and Asian Region
  • Ethical Review organisational cultural  risks
  • Design and delivery of ethics ‘train the trainer’ program to in-house personnel
2 of top 3 Global Mining Companies
  • Design contents global Ethics training program including e Learning module
  • Business Ethics Governance Review
  • Codification Code of Ethics
  • Ethical Thought Leadership module as part of leadership development program

    • National values & ethics workshop program (46 workshops) to build ethical decision making skills
    • Thought Leadership Program Senior Leaders
    • Facilitation Cultural Review & People Committee

  • State wide values refresh consultation program
  • Values engagement roll out program (30 workshops)
  • Values-based leadership program

  • Values Audit & Values Codification Refresh
  • Values & Ethics Workshop program (1200 senior managers)
  • Design E-learning program
Department of  Transport, Planning, and Local Infrastructure
  • Design and Delivery Your Professional Obligations Training program involving 67 workshops
  • similar program to predecessor DPCD 73 workshops

  • Keynote ethics presentation senior leaders forum
  • Ethical leadership workshop for senior leaders
  • Ethical leadership program for senior leaders


  •  Initiatives build culture of integrity including:  Ethics Hotline Training and facilitation of set up of Contact Officers Network to support hotline

  • Design and delivery of ethics training program for leadership team