Mr John McMorrow

John is a passionate and well respected business professional who devotes his time across a variety of industries. His vision includes successfully guiding organisations to increase their productivity, performance and profit by developing the abilities of key people in leadership and management roles. He provides training & development solutions at all levels in the organisation from strategy to frontline.
His particular areas of interest are empowered leadership, workplace values, business ethics, organisational performance and sustainability.
John is renowned, not only for his authenticity but, for his effectiveness as a mentor, strategist and coach.

Areas of Specialisation

• Highly experienced facilitator, coach and mentor.
• Building and managing teams, reviewing behavioural competencies
• Coaching, mentoring and supporting team members
• Communicating core purpose, organisational values and corporate governance
• Developing and communicating vision, purpose and strategic objectives

Experience Highlights


John was appointed to the CPA Australia Global Strategy and Leadership Panel to provide input into learning modules for CPA Australia members.

• John is a member of RMIT University School of Management Research Committee. Here he provides industry engagement for research projects and contemporary appproaches to leadership.

• John is committed to community service and uses his vocation in his capacity as a facilitator at the Rotary Leadership Institute.

• John has spent some time overseas helping to develop the capability and capacity of a new government.

• John was also the principle contact and design lead for a major leadership development project for a major Australian Bank.

John holds an MBA, International Management, RMIT, degrees in Business Manufacturing Management, Monash University, Business, Marketing, RMIT, has completed AICD Company Directors Course and is a Graduate of Leadership Victoria.  John is currently serving as Councillor at the City of Stonnington representing the needs and wants of his community and working towards creating a city of excellence, liveability, sustainability and financial strengths. He is also a member of their Audit Committee, and Chairman of both the Economic Development , Arts & Tourism Group and the Cycling Reference Group. He is well versed in local government issues.