We help leaders nurture high performance workplaces

We’ll work with you to understand your ethical responsibilities and manage risk. Ultimately transforming your business into an integrity-based, high performing culture, where your people become your best advocates.

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Over 25,000 People Have Attended Our Popular Ethics Workshops across ANZ & South East Asia

Our approach ensures that:

  • Employees Engage

    With interactive workshops, employees will easily develop the skills that protect themselves and their company's integrity standards.

  • Managers Know

    Clear organisational values and ethical risks will be understood, promoting advocacy and a nurturing management culture.

  • Leaders Design

    Drawing upon behavioural integrity, leaders purposely design their workplace infrastructure to be positive and ethical, leading by example.

We Service The Following Sectors

Our business ethics initiatives deliver greater clarity around personal accountability to codes of conduct, values statements and associated governance protocols such as fraud policies. All learning programs are designed to engage and energise participants rather than present a rigid set of rules.

Amoral Management

Employee engagement enables greater acceptance of personal accountability and brings a greater sense of personal control.

Introduction to Behavioral Ethics

Behavioral ethics investigates why people make the ethical (and unethical) decisions that they do in order to gain insights into how people can improve their ethical decision-making and behavior.

Ethical Risk Management

Working alongside clients we address client’s specific needs to in managing ethical risks or ethical breaches.

Organisational Culture & Accountability

Working alongside clients we address client’s specific needs to in managing ethical risks or ethical breaches.

Breathing Life Into Values in the Workplace

Working alongside clients we address client’s specific needs to in managing ethical risks or ethical breaches.

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We recognise that each client has an organisational and industry context
that requires a tailored program to meet their specific needs.

A timely and interesting article about the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI)

by Written by Managing Values on behalf of Chartered Accountants™ on August 27th 2018

This paper has been written to consider how advances in artificial intelligence (AI) will affect the different roles in which people operate as...

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APRA Fever Hits Australia

by Managing Values on July 7th 2018

Reacting to the intense scrutiny of the financial and insurance sectors by the Royal Commission https://bit.ly/1RwMBZ9 and Apra’s...

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Do we need another hashtag viral campaign to make AI safe for females?

by Managing Values on May 1st 2018

Just when we thought the #MeToo and #TimesUp viral campaigns were dealing deathblows to institutionalised sexism; another spectre has emerged to...

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Is there a Harvey Weinstein lurking in your organisation?

by Managing Values on October 27th 2017

The speed with which countless Hollywood stars, directors and movie moguls have come out in little over a week to say they knew what was going on is...

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Code of Conduct – a barrier to good conduct?

by Managing Values on September 20th 2017

Gallup reports only 15% of employees are engaged at work today. Is your poorly designed Code of Conduct the start of this disengagement? If you were...

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The moral compass – an anachronism in a digitally connected world

by Managing Values on September 6th 2017

Why do the banks, and so many others, continue to get caught in the headlights of public scrutiny for unacceptable behaviour; why do they fail to...

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Whistleblowing – too little too late?

by Managing Values on July 21st 2017

A fundamental challenge for organisations is “how do we get our people to raise issues of concern because they recognise it’s good for them?”...

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Are traditional notions of professional ethical accountability too self-serving?

by Managing Values on June 29th 2017

Speaking at a forum recently I was interested to be invited to comment on “the ephemeral nature” of values as they relate to the professions. I...

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Boring ethics and Code of Conduct training enables risk to go unmanaged

by Managing Values on February 8th 2017

Everyone it seems has been the victim, at one time or another, of a deadly boring Code of Conduct or business ethics training session. The unintended...

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China again takes the long term view, even on Trump!

by Managing Values on November 12th 2016

I was lucky to be in China when the US election took place. Lucky on a number of levels. Lucky to be in China again; lucky to be in a resort island,...

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RISKY BUSINESS – or business ethics by another name?

by Managing Values on November 10th 2016

Words are often “co-opted” into our language; in other words, they become fashionable and trendy and are often used in place of words that have...

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