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We help employees understand their ethical risks and responsibilities and we help leaders nurture high performance workplace cultures and fight corruption. 

Our approach ensures that

+ Employees grasp how their corporate code of conduct protects ethical standards and integrity

+ Managers know how to improve business performance and manage non- financial risk

+ Everyone shares an understanding of how to respond to challenging issues of ethical concern.

Our work is informed by the latest industry research from the field of applied ethical systems.

Our learning programs are designed to engage and energize participants rather than present a set of rules and are tailored to your unique business requirements.

We deliver

+ Greater workforce engagement with your corporate values statement or codes of conduct.

+ A deeper understanding about managing conflicts of interest and potential fraud and corruption.

+ Clarity about compliance protocols for improved business performance.

Employee engagement enables greater acceptance of personal accountability and brings a greater sense of personal control.

Our popular Ethical Leadership workshops differentiate between leadership and ethical leadership, identifying how to be a principled role model of ethical standards and to manage the existing tensions between “how” business gets done and the stretch targets for success. Developing an ethical infrastructure enables leaders to nurture ethical, high performance workplace cultures and fight corruption.


The United Nations has adopted several strong resolutions which clarify expectations of corporate governance including that positive corporate cultures are actively encouraged and business is pursued in an ethical manner. Many countries have followed suit and put tough new regulations in place to curb money laundering, bribery, corruption and fraud.

Ethics is no longer about policy frameworks or ‘paper compliance’ programs. Ethics is about how a business ensures that shared values and principles are deeply understood by employees and informing how they act in the workplace.

Our initiatives are designed to help leaders integrate ethics into business strategy and build early warning systems of ethical issues before they emerge as a risk to the business.

We work across Australia and throughout Asia. We facilitate leading-edge learning programs that are highly rated by participants. To measure cultural improvement, we conduct cultural integrity reviews enabling leaders to benchmark against other organisations and manage for continuous improvement in developing an ethical workplace culture.

Our aim is to promote high standards of business practice based on ethical values.

Key areas of focus include:

Bribery and Corruption
Integrity Risk and Measurement
Fraud Training
Code of Conduct/Ethics Employee engagement
Cultural Design using Choice Architecture
Conflict of Interest Measurement and Management